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Anti Snoring Clip Silicone

  • ►STOP SNORING► --The new 2019 magnetic nose clip is the solution for all snorers! The snore clip facilitates the widening of the nostrils by improving the breathing of the nose. This can not only reduce snoring, but also promote the circulation of air in the nose and increasing the flowing of air Relieve the burden and pressure of respiratory system and circulatory system caused by hypoxi, this makes the product very effective for snoring.congestion.
  • ►HIGH QUALITY► --The new version of Anti Snoring Device is made of high quality soft medical silicone, totally free of BPA and other chemical blowing agents.
  • ►COMFORTABLE TO WEAR► --The magnetic nose spreader is made of soft silicone, very comfortable to wear and barely visible. There are no effects or allergies. Safe, convenient and reusable Applicable to any shape of nostrils.
  • ►MULTI-FUNCTIONAL► --The Silicone Magnetic Anti Snore Clip not only prevents the usual snoring, change the habit of oral respiration during sleeping and prevent upper respiratory infection, it also improves your breathing during your cold or cold. This can make your breathing softer. In addition, you can use the nose clips when you do some sports, such as jogging and hiking, to breathe better and more effectively.

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